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Health Ebola is back
Almost 1,000 people have gotten it (in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone), and the majority are now dead. This is a very serious problem.

Threats and Hazards "No wonder the government can't find needles in the haystack -- it keeps storing irrelevant hay"
The same government that can lose all kinds of e-mails from high-level IRS officials somehow manages to keep incredible amounts of data on airline passengers

Computers and the Internet Cisco wireless routers need updates to prevent crooks from breaking in

Health Beating cancer is going to take a lot of genetic research
Salk Institute scientists think they've found a gene that signals a cell to stop moving...and when that gene is turned off, it permits the cell to move freely -- which is what causes cancer metastasis.

Computers and the Internet Even computer companies aren't immune to layoffs
Microsoft is laying off 18,000 people over the next year. Some think the company's internal announcement could have used a little more direct language.

Broadcasting "South Park" cuts a deal with Hulu
There's no better draw than great content. But great content is hard to create.

Weather and Disasters Wait -- is the Weather Channel getting back to science?
Their new show "Weather Geeks" is being spun as a show for the real science fiends out there. It's to be hosted by a university professor.

Science and Technology Self-driving cars are coming, and it's time to consider the implications
One writer came up with a list of 17 things that could change. There are undoubtedly many, many more.

Humor and Good News Weird Al Yankovic: "Word Crimes"
(Video) One of his best pieces of work, and that's saying something

News Chicago Tribune puts most of its archives online
Everything from 1847 to 1991 is now available.

Computers and the Internet How the Obama Administration tracks sentiment on Twitter
A staffer is assigned to carefully track what press corps reporters are saying in addition to their conventionally published reports

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Computers and the Internet Iowa data centers play a central role in Microsoft's cloud-computing strategy
They're big investments in equipment with a small impact on the labor market, which is exactly the kind of thing a company like Microsoft is wise to invest in.

Business and Finance The continued saga of the Midwest's skilled-worker shortage
A dispatch from Omaha

Telephone or text: 918-2-GONGOL (+1-918-246-6465)

Aviation News Amazon to try dragging FAA into the drone era

Computers and the Internet Smartphone memories don't really get fully wiped

Weather and Disasters Yellowstone is an active seismic area
And a hot spot is melting an asphalt road. We ignore the hazards beneath the magnificent national park at our own peril.

Humor and Good News New neighbors don't like Iowa City drum circle
Someone call Eric Cartman, hippie exterminator

Business and Finance More machines means fewer low-skill jobs
It's an ongoing development (one that's been underway for generations), but we only tend to notice it when there are periodic down-cycles in the economy...and we've recently been through one of those. The challenge is to think and act upon ways to accommodate the inevitable during the up-cycle, when we have the available surplus resources to invest.

News Wrigley Field slated for half-billion-dollar renovation
New bullpens, more signs

Business and Finance Interesting: UPS uses a lot more rail freight than you might expect

Humor and Good News New "Homestar Runner" material is on the way

Computers and the Internet Your relationship with Facebook is not one of equals

Science and Technology Neil DeGrasse Tyson: I'm not worried about the kids
(Video) In an unscripted moment, the public face of astronomy points out that it's adults who have the stupid beliefs, not kids

Business and Finance The Federal Reserve is cutting off its bond-buying program in October
At least, that's the current plan. That may be a rather abrupt stop for a lot of people who aren't expecting it.

News 2014 reading list -- a mid-year progress update

Weather and Disasters Tornado warnings mean take cover immediately
Some people in Grundy County barely escaped serious injury because they didn't have time to fully react. Related: Public tornado shelters may be on the verge of becoming a widespread thing.

News Minneapolis Star-Tribune to lose a lot of staff veterans in ownership change
Meanwhile, speculation has it that News Corp. is looking at buying the Tribune newspapers.

Iowa The legend of the "tavern" sandwich

Business and Finance How many direct subordinates is too many?

Threats and Hazards Chicago needs to get its act together
An absurdly violent holiday weekend should have people saying that enough is enough

Business and Finance Uber's effect on the market for New York City taxi medallions

News The Panama Canal may just get a competitor in Nicaragua

The United States of America Ideology divides the House from the Senate
Of course, the practice of catering to interest groups is neither new nor avoidable, but its results may cause us to need to push the "reset" button

Business and Finance Target Field rolls out self-service beer stations
Just one more amony many small signs that the era of low-skill jobs for humans is over

Computers and the Internet Google's take on artificial intelligence

Weather and Disasters Video of the tornado in Newton

Aviation News Train derailment lands 737 fuselages in a river

News A Kickstarter campaign for a bowl of potato salad

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