"Bloomberg by Bloomberg" by Michael Bloomberg and Matthew Winkler

Brian Gongol

One-paragraph review: Michael Bloomberg didn't run for mayor of New York City until 2001, but "Bloomberg by Bloomberg" (copyright 1997) was plainly written with the possibility in mind. Plenty of public figures have written autobiographical introductions; this one, quite fortunately, avoids most of the pure sugar-coating and actually delivers an interesting story. Bloomberg is undoubtedly a textbook case for making "luck", as the saying has it, out of the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Though co-written, it captures Bloomberg's voice with ease and contains a hefty amount of solid, no-frills business advice that makes it decidedly worth reading for anyone who takes an interest in commerce. As a "how I made my millions" story, it's one of the most user-friendly -- even 20 years after its initial publication -- and Bloomberg's characteristic get-it-done style makes it an easy read. The entire book has a refreshing undertone of an unwritten but implied "Let's cut the crap. Here's what I want you to know."

Verdict: A highly recommended autobiography of a legitimate modern-day success story.