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Gongol.com: July 2004

Threats to Western Civilization (7.12.2004)
Montana Judge Surfs Internet to Find Terrorists
She exposed one traitorous soldier; others in her group check terrorist websites to find information

News (7.12.2004)
So I Didn't Win, But...
Results from the annual Midnight Madness 5k in Ames: 275th of 541 male finishers. If I'd done more running back in April, May, and June, I probably would've done better than an 8:11 mile pace. C'est la vie.

Science and Technology (7.12.2004)
Mr. Fusion Coming to Ames
The Ames Laboratories at Iowa State University are planning to install a pair of wind turbines in Ames to help generate hydrogen, which can be used to make fuel cells. It's a natural flywheel effect -- the wind power is free and non-polluting, but it's intermittent. Splitting hydrogen atoms out of water is a way of storing that energy for the times when it's actually needed, when the hydrogen can be "burned" (re-mixed with oxygen), creating...water and electricity. Could be a very promising development.