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Gongol.com: July 2004

Threats to Western Civilization (7.19.2004)
Police Arrest Suspicious Airline Passenger at Minneapolis/St. Paul
TV report says he had a suicide note and connections to known terrorists

Threats to Western Civilization (7.19.2004)
Canada Recalls Ambassador to Iran
Axis of Evil strikes again

Threats to Western Civilization (7.19.2004)
Iraqi Insurgents a Diffuse Group
Attacks last week coincided with anniversaries of Saddam's 1968 coup and the 1958 coup against the British-appointed monarchy. But the New York Post is reporting that some terror money came from the oil-for-food program. Oh, and things are falling apart for Yasser Arafat.

The American Way (7.19.2004)
Twenty Years Ago, No One in Poland Cared About What Political Appointments Did to Markets
It's appropriate to remind ourselves rather often that communism was killing thousands of people in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union every year just half a generation ago

Science and Technology (7.19.2004)
New England Journal of Medicine: Don't Swat Mosquitoes, Flick 'Em
Doctors in NY say it may lead to infections you wouldn't have gotten if you'd flicked them. It's still OK to kill them when they're not on your skin.

News (7.19.2004)
British Government Says It Wants Crime Down 15% by 2008
Plan includes orders against "anti-social behavior," curfews, and satellite tracking of repeat offenders

The Looming Water Crisis (7.19.2004)
Who's Using Water for What
Think most of America's water is being used to drink? Not even close. 48% is used for power plants, and 34% goes to irrigation.