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Gongol.com: July 2004

Computers and the Internet (7.23.2004)
Do Not Open "Bin Laden Suicide Photos" E-Mail -- It's a Trojan Horse (Virus)
Scan your attachments, virus-check your computer, watch what attachments you open, use a web-based e-mail server, and update your antivirus software (from eDodo.org)

The United States of America (7.23.2004)
President Follows Up on Vow to Run with Amputee Soldier
Read it, and be thankful.

We All Need a Little Humor (7.23.2004)
Feel Better About Scamming the Nigerian Bank Scammers
Everyone gets the Nigerian bank scam e-mail. Not everyone writes back. This fellow's reply (which includes his fabricated assistant, Mrs. Quims), is worth the ten minutes it'll take you to read it.