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Election 2004 (8.2.2004)
Sen. Kerry as Commander-In-Chief
The Wall Street Journal reviews his hawkish-come-dovish-come-hawkish again ways

The American Way (8.2.2004)
Economic Freedom of the World
More evidence -- extremely clear -- that free economies become more prosperous. And more prosperous economies mean better standards of living. Read the full report or check out their country-by-country rankings.

We All Need a Little Humor (8.2.2004)
"American Dad" Pilot
The video clip contains a couple of crude references and a word or two you wouldn't necessarily play in front of your boss, so click this one at home. The six-minute pilot for "American Dad," the cartoon directed by Seth MacFarlane, who created "The Family Guy".

Aviation News (8.2.2004)
Flight Delays Mean Lost Money
Ten years ago, flight delays were estimated to cost $9.5 billion a year, most of which came from lost productivity caused by passengers sitting on the ground. Are we any better now?

Science and Technology (8.2.2004)
Sources of US Energy
Renewable energy consumption peaked in 1996. A bone-crushing more than 60% of our energy comes from petroleum and natural gas.

Science and Technology (8.2.2004)
Power Grid "A Disaster Waiting to Happen"
Research group says investment rate is the worst since the Great Depression. Energy-management software has a 50-second lag, so controllers don't know anything is wrong until the lights are already dim. You should smell a potential weak spot; terrorists surely do.

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