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Computers and the Internet (8.4.2004)
Biggest Spam Event Ever Is Underway Right Now
In the last five minutes, I've received four copies of an e-mail from "Rex" forwarding the entire text and images from an ABC News story on John Kerry from a couple of months ago. It's reaching hidden addresses in the many sites I manage not usually found by ordinary spam-bots, so whomever is behind it is taking it to eleven. It's definitely one louder. And it will certainly lead to counter-strikes unless someone is severely punished.

Business and Finance (8.4.2004)
Always Carry Cash
Dispute between union and Brinks Security means some Irish ATM's are out of money. New company policy says the van driver should get out of Dodge in the event of a robbery, even if security guards are left behind.

Threats to Western Civilization (8.4.2004)
How High Could Oil Prices Go?
The highly perceptive John Robb thinks that attacks on oil production facilities in Iraq could be training for attacks in Saudi Arabia and the Caspian Sea. If that's the case, Islamic fascists may be preparing another huge disruption to the world economy. Since oil is traded on a market that includes a huge futures component, there's a decent chance they may also take advantage of price spikes in order to fill Bin Laden's coffers, as well -- in effect, paying themselves a bounty for causing the price spikes. OPEC presently claims some reserve production capacity, but as noted the other day, 60% of our energy comes from petroleum and natural gas.

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