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The American Way (8.5.2004)
Because Some "Anti-Capitalists" Should Be Sucker-Punched
The usually-amusing James Lileks takes it up a notch with this essay, in which he has a delightful time ripping apart a bunch of thieves who think it's funny to replace bar codes in order to steal things from stores: "I should set up a website that advocates pepper-spraying dorks who re-code the Cocoa Puffs, and stuffing them in the cooler for an hour before you call the cops. Just to start the discussion, of course." Three cheers for Lileks.

Election 2004 (8.5.2004)
Senate Candidate Pete Coors Wants the Drinking Age To Be 18 (Again)
Yes, he's that Pete Coors.

We All Need a Little Humor (8.5.2004)
Worthwhile Aviation Jokes
"The only time you have too much fuel is when you're on fire" (from eDodo.org)

Aviation News (8.5.2004)
Yes, Saddam Hussein Did Bury Weapons
An e-mail forward is in circulation showing a buried MiG combat airplane buried in the sands of Iraq. The US Air Force confirms the photos' validity. It's not new; the story is in fact a year old. But it underscores two important facts: (1) Iraq had weapons they wanted hidden. (2) Burial was used as a method of hiding those weapons. The Foxbat isn't even a new aircraft; it entered service in 1970. Why, then, would they bury a 30-year-old aircraft? Perhaps because it can be used for high-altitude reconaissance and may have included electronics from countries violating the arms embargo on Iraq.

Business and Finance (8.5.2004)
Company Name Etymologies
In other words, how Intel got its name

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