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News (8.6.2004)
UN: Sudanese Government Gets 30 Days to Solve the Genocide Problem
But it only took the murderers 100 days to kill some 800,000 people in Rwanda ten years ago

Threats to Western Civilization (8.6.2004)
UK Anti-Terror Raid Nets 11 Suspects, But Five May Have Gotten Away
Rumor suggests they're plotting an attack on Heathrow Airport. I've said since February 2002 that Heathrow is extremely likely to be one of the next major terrorist targets. It's one of the world's foremost aviation centers, it's in the UK, and it would be a strike at the heart of the capitalist system, all of which fit the profile for attacks by Islamic fascists.

The United States of America (8.6.2004)
Where's the Argument for a Unified Intelligence Agency?
Once again, the Marginal Revolution guys put it straight: Rarely does any individual get everything right. In fact, it never happens. It's never worked in the economy, and it won't work any better within the intelligence community. By far, the most efficient way to use information is within a market. The use of intelligence to manage strategic threats calls for some adaptation of market thinking; we just have to figure out what that adaptation is.

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