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Threats to Western Civilization (8.10.2004)
An Extremely Long Road Ahead to a Civilized World
British charity says 200,000 people have been tortured in Zimbabwe alone in the last couple of years

Socialism Doesn't Work: Never Has, Never Will (8.10.2004)
Shrinking the Insurance Pool
The point of insurance is to pool the risks that many individuals face (uncertainly) into one basket, where it is virtually certain how frequently the group as a whole will suffer the consequences of those risks. It makes sense to perform some segmentation of those pools in order to isolate those who bring themselves much higher risks (habitual drunk drivers, for example). But the system only works when the segments don't go any further than the "There but for the grace of God go I" factor. To those who would accept, for example, installed speed monitors or drive-time curfews, this question should be asked: Why are you willing to accept rigid controls on your behavior when you could (but for the grace of God) find yourself needing to pass a slow-moving vehicle or visit the store for medicine late at night? Habitual offenders are one thing. Folks who understand how to adapt their behaviors to changing conditions are quite another...especially when the insurance system will punish them if they find themselves in accidents, anyway. In fact, aren't those who can negotiate more hazardous conditions without damage or injury better drivers than most?

Election 2004 (8.10.2004)
Issues Sen. Kerry Must Address
Neal Boortz lists several reasons why he's concerned about Sen. Kerry's campaign for President. Boortz suggests that Kerry's soft on national sovereignty, weak on terrorism, and inclined toward socialism. Awaiting a counter-argument.

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