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The United States of America (8.19.2004)
On Enthusiastic Displays at the Olympics
The USOC told America's Olympic athletes to tone it down with the flag-waving enthusiasm when they win in Athens. Apparently there's some leftover anxiety from when the 4x100 relay team got enthusiastic with the flag four years ago in Sydney. Some folks thought they should have been stripped of their medals. But Michael Bowen argues that it's an overreaction: "I don't care who you think you might be, you cannot afford not to respect black men who triumph like this." I fail to see what harm is done by enthusiastic displays of victory, and I think the NFL's 15-yard penalty for end-zone celebrations is idiotic. When you're out to win, you should act like it. Exception: Sports like Tae Kwon-Do, which are fundamentally rooted in discipline and humility. But track and field? Give me a break. Let the victors celebrate.

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