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We All Need a Little Humor (8.20.2004)
Republican Candidate Drives Local Democrats Nuts with Pet Mule
Montana candidate for public service commission keeps walking in parades with his family's pet mule. Local Democrat attorney fumes: "If we don't protect our right to use this symbol now, it could be more difficult to defend it from misuse in the future." Nicole Stockdale caught it first.

Threats to Western Civilization (8.20.2004)
Two Arrested, Another Wanted for Funneling Cash to Terrorists
One of the three, living in Chicago, was already on the government's watch list. He says he didn't do anything.

News (8.20.2004)
Wrigley Field Becomes a Political Pawn
Mayor Daley and city building commissioner giving Cubs owner Tribune Co. a hard time over Wrigley Field safety, threatening to lock fans out of the nation's most-loved ballpark for Monday night's game if Tribune can't prove the stadium is safe. Tribune seems to think Daley is messing with them because he doesn't like their coverage. Certainly doesn't require much of a leap of faith to think it's the truth.

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