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News (8.22.2004)
Venezuela's Referendum: President Stays, No Apparent Fraud
Should be a good sign for world oil prices, which are fluctuating at a rate disproportionate to changes in actual supply or demand. Events like this referendum and the Yukos saga in Russia have made traders unusually skittish. With this cause for volatility down the drain, perhaps prices will quit hopping so madly.

News (8.22.2004)
Munch's "Scream" Stolen
There are four originals; one of the others was stolen a few years ago

Computers and the Internet (8.22.2004)
New Method of Spam-Blocking Based on DNA Sequencing
Once again, technology triumphs: Method catches 97% of spam, but wrongly blocks only 1 in 6000 good emails. Look for more developments from the world of bio-informatics soon.

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