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The American Way (8.23.2004)
Growth Rates: All That Matters
For all the time that is spent caterwauling about how terrible some people feel about the economy, there's rarely a lot of thought about how good things really are. Previously it's been shown here that this is the best economy ever, but the folks at Marginal Revolution advance it in shorter form: "[H]ad America grown one percentage point less per year, between 1870 and 1990, the America of 1990 would be no richer than the Mexico of 1990." The choice between advance and retreat isn't just hypothetical: Economic growth is the difference between human happiness and human suffering. Next time someone tells you how awful they have it, ask whether they enjoy electric light, antibiotics, and automobiles. Their great-grandparents probably didn't at the same age. Naturally, this story got some plugs during The Brian Gongol Show.

The American Way (8.23.2004)
Carnival of the Capitalists is Up
Weekly summary of some of the best from free-market bloggers. Hosted this week by Russell Buckley's Mobile Weblog. Your very own Gongol.com is responsible for one of the contributions this week.

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