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The American Way (8.26.2004)
Olympic Irony in Three Stripes
Cuban volleyball uniform with Adidas logo Cuban volleyball uniform with Adidas logo
In case it hasn't been noticed, many of the Cuban athletes in the 2004 Olympics have been wearing uniforms bearing an Adidas logo across the chest from the Cuban flag. Cuba is one of 22 teams with whom Adidas claims official branding agreements. But what of the workers' paradise that is Communism/Marxism/socialism? Can't they produce proper athletic wear? Quoting Mikhail Gorbachev:
I continue to say that it was a shame, that during the final years under Brezhnev, we were planning to create a commission headed by the secretary of the Central Committee, [Ivan V.] Kapitonov to solve the problem of women's pantyhose. Imagine a country that flies into space, launches Sputniks, creates such a defense system, and it can't resolve the problem of women's pantyhose.
See Gorbachev in the Commanding Heights series to read more. Regardless, it's really only a matter of time until Fidel Castro dies and Cuba -- either voluntarily or involuntarily -- becomes part of the United States.

Business and Finance (8.26.2004)
Note to CBS: I'm Available
Craig Kilborn is making a dumb move in leaving the Late Late Show when he's the heir apparent to David Letterman. If anyone calls, I'll make contract negotiations a breeze.

Computers and the Internet (8.26.2004)
"I Was the General Manager of the Presidential Palace in Basra..."
Here's a pathetic new version of the old Nigerian bank scam that found its way to my inbox today:
My Name Is AHMED USMAN, I Was The General Manager Of The Presidential Palace In Basra Untill The U.S And The British Army Invaded The Town Recently. I Am Not A Military Man But i Was A Civilian Staff Of The Now Overthrown Government Of Saddam Hussein. It Is On Record That When The British Soldiers Finally Subdued The Iraqi Army, I Personally Handed Over The Presidential Mansion To A Battalion Of The British Army, After Some Valuables In The Mansion Had Been Plundered And Looted By Some Fleeing Iraqi Soldiers. During This Period, I Was Able To Recover Some Valuables Which I Kept Out Of The Reach Of Both The Fleeing Iraqi Soldiers And The In-Coming British And Their American Allies. These Valuables Included $18.6 Million USD (Eighteen Million, Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), Some Gold And Other Precious Stones.
Of course, the offer then goes on to share some of this looted booty with the recipient. For the love of humanity, won't people please stop replying to these messages? You also have to wonder whether the author didn't get tired typing in all those Capital Letters. As an aside, our fraudster Ahmed is apparently a colonel in the...oh, wait, you guessed it...NIGERIAN army.

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