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Threats to Western Civilization (8.29.2004)
Meet Your Protesters
The anti-Republican protests in New York City are generally being called "largely peaceful" in media reports. But lest anyone doubt who's doing the protesting, take a visit to the NYC Indy Media Center, which likes to bill itself as the protesters' voice. Among those doing the chanting: The nonsensical NYC Radical Cheerleaders (don't even bother reading their moronic "cheers") and a no-kiddin' conspiracy theory crowd that accuses President Bush of orchestrating the September 11th attacks. Folks, these people shouldn't be in the streets protesting -- they should be on heavy medication. For the 9/11 attacks to have been what the conspiracy theorists claim would require a conspiracy far more vast than they can prove.

Threats to Western Civilization (8.29.2004)
Both Downed Russian Jets Were Bombed
Fingers pointing toward separatists from Chechnya, where a Russian-backed candidate won the presidency this weekend.

The American Way (8.29.2004)
Another Carnival of the Capitalists
Probably two dozen different contributors with their takes on economics in the world this week. Especially enjoyable: The Charlotte Capitalist tears down a local newspaper editor for stupid economic thinking, Tim Worstall rings the bell on Paul Ehrlich, and Patri Friedman gives a very succinct explanation of why markets should come before democracy. Professor Bainbridge argues that the SEC's regulation of insider stock information is nothing more than a game of "whack-a-mole," and Barry Ritholtz says music radio has killed itself. It may be time to revisit my undergraduate research thesis on radio consolidation.

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