Gongol.com Archives: December 2004
Brian Gongol

The American Way (12.12.2004)
December 6th Carnival of the Capitalists
A late review of some personal favorites: An intriguing argument for a connection between iPod and Social Security reform, a reflection on Vaclav Havel's principled opposition to Communism (with a parallel reflection on why freedom is the only "free lunch"), how Pennsylvania plans to attract big business by screwing small business (see a related discussion of economic development), and some thinking on how airlines should adopt bigger brands in order to differentiate.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.12.2004)
Austrian Clinic Says Ukraine's Opposition Leader Was Poisoned
Says Yushchenko was poisoned about a week before he first checked in on September 10.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.12.2004)
Ruling Party in South Korea Starts Suing the Opposition
And it all boils down to a debate over Communism. Over in Malaysia, the government is out to round up 200,000 illegals.

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.12.2004)
"China" Wins "Contest" for Funniest "Scare Quotes"
Official Communist news agency puts half of a story about Taiwanese elections in "scare quotes". Lest we forget, people have been dying for generations to escape Communism.