Gongol.com Archives: December 2004
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (12.14.2004)
Why Free Markets Aren't the Same as Anarchy
Free markets require the rule of law. When it goes missing, nations drift into criminal chaos.

Broadcasting (12.14.2004)
France Thinks It Can Mimic CNN
That the proposed French-run global news network will require government backing should be evidence enough that the world doesn't demand it

Weather and Disasters (12.14.2004)
Note to Socialists: Scarcity Kills
Famine is caused by poverty and by the use of food as a weapon of war. Opponents of market-oriented economic growth and the rule of law pass a stealthy death sentence upon the world's poor.

Weather and Disasters (12.14.2004)
Study: Worst-Case Quake Scenario Would Kill 13,000 in Tokyo
Same old problems: Stranded commuters and firestorms in old neighborhoods

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.14.2004)
China Wants More Nuclear Power
Country's fierce demand for energy could expand their nuke program

The United States of America (12.14.2004)
Test Your Memory for Geography
Online game scores your ability to place the states on a blank US map

Socialism Doesn't Work (12.14.2004)
China a New Leader in Spam
But the Communist government there is still arbitrarily tossing people into jail over intellectual freedom. China has the world's second-largest economy, and it's growing twice as fast as ours. Perhaps the dissidents there should offer a warning to the idiot Bolshevik protesters in Moscow who seized an office in the Kremlin.

Science and Technology (12.14.2004)
Mathandscience for All
A really good autobiographical story about just what we most desperately need: More Americans who know math, science, and logical reasoning. Other parts of the world have figured out that those are the keys to economic growth. We seem to think it's somewhere to be found on a Spongebob Squarepants episode.

Computers and the Internet (12.14.2004)
Google Suggest Goes Live
Start typing your search and it auto-completes with suggested searches

We All Need a Little Humor (12.14.2004)
Politicians in Compromisingly Funny Positions
The site, called "Statesman or Skatesman", is a collection of pictures of politicians (mainly British) doing silly things like jumping rope or riding Segway scooters. Even Margaret Thatcher can be seen having fun.

Election 2008 (12.14.2004)
Nice Work, Sven
Someone in Minnesota cast their Electoral College vote for John Edwards. One of the others says he thinks it was a mistake.