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News (3.1.2005)
Japan's Immigration Boss Admits His Government Is Weak on Human Trafficking
Says "entertainment visas" are exploited in order to trap women in the sex industry and "immigration officials gradually lost their zeal to investigate and in their dealings have become weak-kneed"

The United States of America (3.1.2005)
More Bleachers for Wrigley

News (3.1.2005)
Chicago Judge's Husband, Mother Killed
Naturally, they're asking whether it's related to anyone she's tried in court

News (3.1.2005)
Tung Chee-Hwa Resigns
Hong Kong's governor is out, likely to be replaced by Donald Tsang, who has talked big game in the past about market freedoms

Business and Finance (3.1.2005)
New Owner's Track Record of Name Changes Could End "Marshall Field's"
It would be a business-cultural blow to Chicago, where the Field's chain was started in 1852. Besides, Chicagoans have a thing for the home store's Christmas display. Brands matter, and always will, even if some in business don't understand it.

Business and Finance (3.1.2005)
Chicago Fed President on Trade, Technology, and Job Changes

The United States of America (3.1.2005)
Greenspan Says Watch the Cash in Social Security
Fed Chair says Social Security will hit a cash deficit in 2008. That's '08, not '28. He tells Congress "For our part, the Federal Reserve will pursue its statutory objectives of price stability and maximum sustainable employment -- the latter of which we have learned can best be achieved in the long run by maintaining price stability." He also wants better schooling in order to put the brakes on class warfare.
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