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Brian Gongol

Last week, I talked about Network Solutions' new "Site Finder" service. It was set to go online and, sure enough, if you type in a "bad" URL (say, for instance, "gongole.com", you get bounced off to their redirect pages. It has them hopping mad over at Microsoft and AOL.

This week, we're talking to Dr. Jim McCalley of Iowa State University about our electrical grid. Is Iowa in better shape than our friends on the East Coast who just want to keep their lights on after a really rotten couple of months? Listen in and find out...

Also, Iowans are getting some mail right now from Senator Chuck Grassley about the tax cuts and rebates of this year. The Senator thinks they're good news, and some late economic data is backing him up. Have you changed your habits because of the tax cuts? If not, how big a cut would it take? Call us at 515-284-1040 or 1-800-469-4295 to share your comments.