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Well lookee here. Last week, we talked about electric reliability. And little did I even know it, but even as we spoke, most of Italy was in the dark after a tree fell on a transmission line. This week, let's talk about the Cubs winning the World Series. Maybe that'll come true as well.

Actually, we're going to do some talking about the federal "Do-Not-Call" Registry. Doesn't matter whether you're on the list or not, there are some serious holes in the plan. And if you're not on the list, it looks like you're out of luck, at least for a while. The telemarketers' industry group is of course in a tizzy, and the Federal Trade Commission, which is in charge of the list, is so wrapped up they can't even write straight. We'll talk about some of the holes in the plan on Sunday.

In case you missed it, former Congressman Tim Penny is with an organization called "For Our Grandchildren," which you can visit at www.forourgrandchildren.org.

updated 10.11.2003