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This week, Brian Gongol finds himself stuck in Los Angeles, far from the reach of the soothing airwaves of WHO Radio. But never you fear, as he will be deftly handling the show from the Left Coast by telephone, while reliable Brian Dean will be holding down the fortress at home.

This week...it's time to play "Press Your Luck" as we talk about the future of gambling in Iowa. Voters in Black Hawk County (home to Waterloo, Cedar Falls, and the University of Northern Iowa gave the thumbs-up to a measure to chase a state gambling license, and they'll be going for similar votes in Wapello, Linn, and Clay Counties over the next two months. We'll talk to Dr. Ken Brown of UNI, an expert on the economic effects of gambling.

And if there's time, we'll talk about why gigantic cities like Los Angeles leave so much to be desired. But if the gambling issue doesn't set you on fire, nothing probably will. Call us at 284-1040 or 800-469-4295 to share your thoughts.

updated 10.11.2003