Ages of Major Achievements by Significant Figures
Brian Gongol

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Individual Year Event Age
Leonardo da Vinci 1452 born
Leonardo da Vinci 1477 opens his own workshop age 25 (about)
Leonardo da Vinci 1503 begins painting the Mona Lisa age 49 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1564 born
Galileo Galilei 1588 becomes lecturer in mathematics age 24 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1592 becomes chair of mathematics at University of Padua age 28 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1593 invents a hydraulic pump age 29 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1602 begins experiments with the pendulum age 38 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1606 invents primitive thermometer age 42 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1607 discovers parabolic path of projectiles age 43 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1610 discovers three moons of Jupiter age 46 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1633 placed under house arrest for writing about heliocentricity age 69 (about)
Galileo Galilei 1641 conceives the idea of a pendulum clock age 77 (about)
Isaac Newton 1642 born
Isaac Newton 1668 shares method of integration by infinite series with friends age 26 (about)
Isaac Newton 1687 publishes Principia Mathematica age 45 (about)
Benjamin Franklin 1706 born
Benjamin Franklin 1732 starts publishing "Poor Richard's Almanac" age 26 (about)
Benjamin Franklin 1752 conducts kite experiment age 46 (about)
Benjamin Franklin 1776 assists in drafting Declaration of Independence age 70
John Adams 1735 born
John Adams 1776 assists in drafting Declaration of Independence age 41 (about)
John Adams 1797 inaugurated as President age 62 (about)
Thomas Jefferson 1743 born
Thomas Jefferson 1768 starts building Monticello age 25 (about)
Thomas Jefferson 1776 writes Declaration of Independence age 33 (about)
Thomas Jefferson 1801 inaugurated as President age 58 (about)
James Madison 1751 born
James Madison 1787 plays leading role in drafting US Constitution age 36
James Madison 1809 inaugurated as President age 58 (about)
Benjamin Disraeli 1804 born
Benjamin Disraeli 1826 writes first novel age 22 (about)
Benjamin Disraeli 1868 becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain age 63
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) 1835 born
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) 1876 publishes "Tom Sawyer" age 41 (about)
Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) 1884 publishes "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" age 49 (about)
Thomas Edison 1847 born
Thomas Edison 1869 undertakes inventing full-time age 22 (about)
Thomas Edison 1876 opens research laboratory at Menlo Park age 29
Thomas Edison 1879 demonstrates incandescent light bulb age 32 (about)
Thomas Edison 1882 supervises installation of Manhattan electric power system age 35 (about)
Alexander Graham Bell 1847 born
Alexander Graham Bell 1876 invents and demonstrates telephone age 29 (about)
Alexander Graham Bell 1881 invents and demonstrates metal detector age 34 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1856 born
Nikola Tesla 1887 files seven patents for AC motors and power transmission age 31 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1890 demonstrates wireless transmission of electricity age 44 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1893 demonstrates AC power on large scale at Columbian Exposition age 37 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1896 completes Niagara Falls hydroelectric power plant age 40 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1897 files patent on basic radio transmission age 41 (about)
Nikola Tesla 1898 demonstrates radio-controlled robotics age 42 (about)
Theodore Roosevelt 1858 born
Theodore Roosevelt 1889 writes "The Winning of the West" age 31 (about)
Theodore Roosevelt 1898 elected governor of New York age 40 (about)
Theodore Roosevelt 1901 inaugurated President age 42
Wilbur Wright 1867 born
Wilbur Wright 1903 first powered flight age 36 (about)
Orville Wright 1871 born
Orville Wright 1903 first powered flight age 32 (about)
Winston Churchill 1874 born
Winston Churchill 1898 publishes first books age 24 (about)
Winston Churchill 1900 elected to Parliament age 26 (about)
Winston Churchill 1911 appointed First Lord of the Admiralty age 37 (about)
Winston Churchill 1940 becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain age 65
Albert Einstein 1879 born
Albert Einstein 1905 publishes first paper on theory of relativity age 26 (about)
Barry Goldwater 1909 born
Barry Goldwater 1960 writes "Conscience of a Conservative" age 51
Barry Goldwater 1964 runs for President age 55
Milton Friedman 1912 born
Milton Friedman 1940 completes doctoral dissertation age 28 (about)
Milton Friedman 1962 writes "Capitalism and Freedom" age 50 (about)
Milton Friedman 1963 writes "A Monetary History of the United States" age 51 (about)
Margaret Thatcher 1925 born
Margaret Thatcher 1959 elected to Parliament age 34
Margaret Thatcher 1979 becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain age 53
Warren Buffett 1930 born
Warren Buffett 1945 buys 40 acres of farmland age 14
Warren Buffett 1964 personal net worth about $4 million age 34 (about)
Warren Buffett 1965 takes over Berkshire Hathaway age 35 (about)
Bill Gates 1955 born
Bill Gates 1975 founds Microsoft age 20 (about)
Bill Gates 2000 establishes charitable foundation age 45 (about)
Bill Gates 2008 retires from Microsoft age 53 (about)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756 born
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1762 first concert tour age 06
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1764 first composition age 08
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1764 first solo concert age 09
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1768 first opera age 12
George Washington 1732 born
George Washington 1775 becomes commander-in-chief of the Continental Army age 43
George Washington 1789 inaugurated as President age 57
Booker T. Washington 1856 born
Booker T. Washington 1881 opens Tuskeegee Institute age 25
Booker T. Washington 1901 writes "Up From Slavery" age 45 (about)
Orville Wright 1871 born
Orville Wright 1903 first powered flight age 32
Wilbur Wright 1867 born
Wilbur Wright 1903 first powered flight age 36