How Sites Are Chosen
Brian Gongol

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If your favorite site isn't listed, here's why.

The first edition of these rankings was based on the large (though not comprehensive) list of business and economics weblogs generated by Craig Newmark in July 2005. Subsequent rankings include many new additions.

There's obviously no hard and fast rule for determining what is or is not a "business" or "economics" website, so the selections are naturally subjective, with a bias towards inclusion rather than exclusion.

Criteria used for inclusion

In general, a site must meet at least one of the following criteria to be included: In addition, the "business" category refers to discussion about business trends or general business issues, and generally not to specific issues in business (like sales, marketing, or advertising).

To reiterate, the bias is toward inclusion rather than exclusion, so please feel free to suggest a site if it is missing.

How to get ranked

For sites listed in the general directory but not included in the traffic rankings, the easiest way to get included is to offer public access to traffic logs offered through services like Sitemeter, Statcounter, or Extremetracking. Sites that add those traffic tools (or those that change their reports from "private" to "public") can update their details anytime.