2021 Reading List

Brian Gongol

Finished (with links to book reviews)

  1. "Tao Te Ching" (Kindle edition)
  2. "Democracy", by Condoleezza Rice (Kindle edition)
  3. "The Moment of Lift", by Melinda Gates (Kindle edition)
  4. "To Heal a Fractured World", by Jonathan Sacks (Kindle edition)
  5. "Hidden Champions of the 21st Century", by Hermann Simon (Kindle edition)
  6. "The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read", by Philippa Perry (Kindle edition)
  7. "The Enchiridion", by Epictetus (Kindle edition)
  8. "You Tomorrow (2nd Ed.)", by Ian Pearson (Kindle edition)
  9. "Man's Search for Meaning", by Viktor Frankl (Kindle edition)
  10. "The Philosophy of Epictetus" (Kindle edition)
  11. "The Autobiography of Saint Ignatius of Loyola" (Kindle edition)
  12. "The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola" (Kindle edition)
  13. "Ethical Writings of Maimonides" (Kindle edition)
  14. "Churchill's Trial", by Larry Arnn
  15. "The Luminous Web", by Barbara Brown Taylor

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