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This Week:

Martha Stewart's going to jail, then she comes home to five months with an ankle bracelet and home confinement. Police pulled over a driver in western Iowa who started acting oddly; they found he was carrying weapons and night-vision goggles, and then he lied about his identity. Speeding tickets were forgiven in Cass County in exchange for "donations" to police-favored organizations.

All of these are examples of discretion in law enforcement -- where the people behind the badge or the gavel were allowed to adapt the rules to the circumstances. But there are plenty of people who pretend they're "tough on crime" because they favor lots of harsh mandatory penalties.

We'll talk about the benefits of police and judicial discretion this week. And you'll also get to hear about Brian's shepherding adventure as well as some letters home from Iraq that we think you'll enjoy.

The phone lines will be open at (800) 469-4295 for you to join in the conversation. It starts at 9:00 Sunday night on Newsradio 1040 WHO.


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