Brian Gongol Show - April 10, 2005
Brian Gongol

If the Arizona border-patrol militia doesn't scare you yet, it should: The Constitution calls for a "well-regulated militia", not volunteers showing up against the advice of the Border Patrol.

Some of the unintended consequences of a volunteer militia showing up uninvited: One of the biggest problems is the failure to recognize that any prosperous country will be a magnet for immigrants: Even Poland and Malaysia have these kinds of problems. The solution to the risks of illegal immigration (and there are risks, especially with terrorists trying to get into the country) is probably to make legal immigration easier. Why make immigration easier, rather than harder? People of goodwill can disagree on the spirit and intent of different ways of solving problems, but the evidence just isn't there to support volunteer militias from showing up en masse to "patrol" the borders. And even if the "Minuteman" project remains non-violent, another group, called the "Arizona Guard" says they'll "close the border with machine guns." That's anything but non-violent.