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Brian Gongol

Did Martina Navratilova win Chile's presidential election? Not really, but the socialist who won should be a warning to the United States that we still haven't finished the job of ending the free-market-vs.-socialism debate.

Socialism has to be stopped at the earliest possible moment -- and that means people have to show up for the Iowa party caucuses tomorrow -- Republican and Democrats alike. The people who show up on Monday will decide the temperaments of their respective parties for the next two years, and that in turn will decide the temperament of the parties for the 2008 Presidential election.

The issues ahead are crucial -- How will we respond to the threat of bird flu? Are we going to learn any lessons from Hurricane Katrina? How should the US respond to the Communist sympathizer running the country that's one of our biggest sources of oil?

There's nothing honorable about dropping out of the political parties because one doesn't agree with them; it's only by taking part in the process from the caucus/party level on up that one can influence the parties.

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