Brian Gongol Substituting for Steve Deace on WHO Radio
Brian Gongol

Did a space ship fly over O'Hare Airport a few weeks ago? Some United Airlines employees say so.

Among the words and phrases up for banishment in 2007: "Gitmo," "truthiness," and "drug deal gone bad." Someone also wants to do away with "search" and just switch to using "Google" as a verb full-time, but that seems to be going a bit too far. Better to keep using "search," in my opinion. A googol, by the way, is 10 to the 100th power.

No matter how sophisticated we say we (or our interests) are, people reveal what they're really interested in when they search online, and people really want to know about the execution of Saddam Hussein.

A study in Sioux Falls says the cost of social services for a group of homeless alcoholics averages $30,700 a year per person. On the other end of the income scale, if you have $6,200 to blow, you can get a hardwood computer case.

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