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Brian Gongol

Want to dress like Steve Jobs? Find a black turtleneck and a pair of thin-rimmed glasses. Maybe then you can break down with some Rick Astley.

Ross is back from the Girl Scout Cookie Munch-Off he attended last week. He didn't win, but we did learn that Thin Mints are the best-selling cookies the Girl Scouts sell.

If spyware is driving you nuts, your first step is to stop using Internet Explorer and get Firefox (or Opera...we don't really care). Some other tricks for avoiding and getting rid of spyware.

Save yourself lots of pain and suffering: Set your computer on a limited-access profile. Your computer really needs at least two different accounts: An administrator-level account that's allowed to install and uninstall programs, and a limited-access account, which you should use for most of your web browsing and other computer purposes. The reason? If you happend to accidentally download a virus or receive a Trojan horse by e-mail, it's much harder for that crooked software to do anything bad to your computer if you're running it on a limited-access account. It's like the difference between being the boss and being an employee: If you're an employee, you can still do a lot of work, but you can't hire and fire other employees.

Here's a hint: If you're going to slack off at work, don't use the company computer to journal about it.

China blew up a weather satellite this past week...and there's lots of reason to believe they may be thinking of using cyberwarfare to screw with us if push ever comes to shove.

Get your Security Update for this week.

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