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Hurricane Hugo continues to batter Venezuela: Hugo Chavez has been granted dictatorial powers to run his country, which is another reminder that American influence in Latin America is slipping, and that needs to be fixed.

People often reveal what they like and don't like based on what they buy or what they don't. That perhaps should be a sign for "The Nation", a very left-wing magazine that's on a fundraising drive because people haven't subscribed in sufficient numbers and the publication is losing money. It's easy for some folks to take themselves too seriously, believing they have to be serious (and even angry) all the time. Yet magazines like "Rolling Stone," "Esquire," and "Vanity Fair" all successfully mix serious and entertaining content in every issue...and make money in the process. Here's a hint, dear Nation: If your only selling point is "Expressing your outrage", it's time to find a new approach.

In another case of "revealed preferences," a California legislator wants to ban conventional light bulbs. What a looney idea.

If pandemic flu comes, the CDC will announce the severity just like hurricanes: With "Category 1" through "Category 5".

If you plan to imbibe and then fly, know your limits...or else you might accidentally hijack an airplane, like the Russian man who says he doesn't remember threatening to blow up an airliner if they didn't take him to Cairo.

And one more thing before we go: The Governor wants to spend $25 million to subsidize the biofuels industry. Why shouldn't we use that money for cancer research instead?

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