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Bad news: An economist in the construction industry says we're just not ready for another hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico. Yikes. Makes one wonder about the supposed plans for building refineries here in the Midwest. You might hear that and wonder why anyone would build a refinery here, but Canada is our #1 supplier of both crude oil and petroleum.

A good point: If 19-year-olds can go to Iraq and face the threat of IEDs, then why is the drinking age still 21? Apparently Iowa isn't the only state where some legislators have been talking about keg-registration laws.

The sword and the book: A good metaphor. Information isn't very useful unless you can edit out what's not important.

A couple of fun links: Mongolian mangling of English and an Etch-A-Sketch of LeBron James.

Technology in action: A rescue robot that has the face of a teddy bear.

How can anyone imagine 94,000 homes destroyed in a flood? It's the story on the ground in China right now -- but what do you want to bet that the Communist government there is keeping the news media there from reporting on the story?

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