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The Great Iowa Tractor Ride starts tomorrow. They're following a novel new route, looping back to Osceola each night. The Iowa Corn Indy 250 also starts tomorrow.

Google is building a huge new data center in Council Bluffs. It's supposed to open in two years and employ about 200 people. The state legislature passed legislation this year giving them special tax breaks to build the facility -- and it's worth asking whether those tax breaks make sense.

Microsoft offers some helpful tips for using MovieMaker.

After yesterday's storms, Dan's observed that if Jim Cantore ever shows up, he's leaving town. (He's the Weather Channel's designated disaster reporter.) If you're a big Weather Channel addict, you can get your own desktop emulator for the local conditions. But on the scary side of things, the director of the National Hurricane Center is getting himself into big trouble with his bosses for trying to tell the public that a crucial hurricane-tracking satellite is about to die.

The iPhone comes out this coming week. Even our own opinions are mixed on whether this is really any big deal. Dan's excited; Brian thinks it's badly over-hyped (it doesn't offer much -- if anything -- more than what you can already get in something like the Nokia E62, for a lot less money).

Get your Security Update.

Dan talked about a walk-a-thon at Dallas Center-Grimes High School football stadium, Sunday 6/24 from noon until 5:00 to raise money for a mustang statue and scholarship fund in memory of Alex Bowersox. Checks can be sent to:
Mustang Statue
Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District
1414 Walnut
Dallas Center, IA 50063

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