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An eerily well-timed editorial in a magazine called "Engineering News-Record" lamented the country's habit of under-investment in infrastructure just before the 35W bridge disaster in Minneapolis this week.

Is a fan buyout of the Chicago Cubs a possibility? Maybe. I've hoped out loud for such a plan for some time...and I've also publicly hoped that Mark Cuban would open his offer up to Cubs fans, too.

Is practically infinite life expectancy just around the corner? It seems far-fetched, for sure, but it might not be all that preposterous: Based on Census Bureau data, there have been decades over the last century when life expectancies grew by more than five years -- in other words, if you survived the decade, medical technology had progressed so much that you got a bonus five years added on to your expected life span. Funny thought: If people lived to be 120 or older, Dwight Eisenhower would still be around today.

Venezuela may be having trouble producing enough oil to meet demand. On a related note, Russia is sending its navy to the Mediterranean, presumably (at least in part) to secure access to Turkish oil terminals.

Here's a good sign for the future: British girl scouts say they want to learn more about managing money -- it's their top concern.

And, as odd as it may sound, good Web design may be a matter of human rights.

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