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Brian Gongol

If a new program to compute radar data works out as expected, we could have nationwide real-time turbulence forecasts. Not only would it make flying more pleasant, it would also cut down on injuries, damage, and delays. That's a more reliable use of technology than goat sacrifice.

If you're looking for free anti-virus, check out AVG Anti-Virus. If you want a higher grade of antivirus protection, we've had good experiences with Kaspersky.

What's been killing all the bees? Some researchers think it's an unusual virus. Bees have a huge impact on agriculture, so figuring out what's killing them is more important than we might usually think. Speaking of agriculture, congratulations to ISU on the opening of the Norman Borlaug Research Center. Borlaug deserves a lot more credit for his lifesaving work than he usually gets.

Lionel Richie talked about dancing on the ceiling, but an Italian physicist thinks he's figured out how to build a Spider-Man suit that would allow you to climb walls and hang upside-down through the use of carbon nanotubes. Some German researchers have been coming to a similar conclusion.

Facebook will be opening up to search engines soon, so if you (or your kids) have a Facebook profile, make sure you check out the new privacy settings and take action in the next week or two.

If you're having trouble with synchronizing your clock in Windows XP, you might need to reconfigure your time server settings.

A new CPR technique may deliver higher survival rates than the conventional method. You might not start using it yet, but it could become the new recommended way soon.

Online extra: Some thoughts on how technology could save us from infectious disease and how cell phones could kill in the hospital.

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