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A terrific letter to the editor appeared in the Register this week from a Drake grad who says the Presidential candidates are ignoring the future. I agree; things are changing so fast that it's disappointing that we never hear anything from our candidates about anything that's just around the corner.

Volvo is coming out with a hybrid car I might actually buy.

We've reached a tremendous milestone: More people worldwide now work in the service sector than in manufacturing or in agriculture. That's a huge milestone, and a major signal of continued economic growth all over the globe.

The FEC has (wisely) decided that what people say on websites shouldn't count as campaign contributions.

How much cash should you carry? While there's a formula you could actually use to figure it out, it's worth remembering events like the New York City blackout of 2003.

Why does economics matter? Because when it fails, people die. On the other hand, Americans are the world's most productive workers, which is what makes life here so rewarding.

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