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Brian Gongol

Boy George got tricked by a clever lawyer into "autographing" some legal papers.

If you've seen warnings on your computer saying that your Microsoft software is pirated, you may have been caught by "Microsoft Genuine Advantage". It's the software company's main campaign against pirated software.

OpenOffice offers a free program for putting together PowerPoint-type presentations which you could use to put photos and music together in case you're doing any office holiday parties or the like this winter. If you're using your computer to burn photos to a CD, you might also consider printing a photo book. Brian has used to prepare photo books before -- it's really easy -- but there are plenty of other services that offer the same tools that could work for you as well.

If you lose electricity, your gas furnace may or may not work -- new furnaces usually work (though their fans won't distribute heat quite as well throughout the house), but some furnaces will shut off when a valve closes to cut off the gas.

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