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Brian Gongol

I-235 was originally designed to be driven at 50 mph. The new, higher speed limits are great, but there's only so high those limits can be set, due to stopping distances and limited visibilities.

The TSA still lets trained pilots carry guns in the cockpit. But a video suggests that the holsters they use may actually cause accidents.

The Firefox logo has been seen in deep space.

If you need free audio-editing software on your computer, you might want to try Audacity. If you're having trouble saving Audacity files to MP3, you'll need to get an encoding program called LAME.

Food riots are popping up around the world as staple foods like wheat and rice shoot up in price. Pay attention...the consequences could be serious for us.

If you never, ever backup your computer, definitely do it at tax time. But, really, you should do it once a month at the very least. On a related note, here's how to save your photos by burning copies to CD.

What would today's products look like if they were advertised in the style of yesterday? See for yourself.

81% of all email sent in March was spam. Ugh.

Had trouble with a Firefox upgrade? Here's how to recover lost bookmarks in Firefox. Don't forget that you can export your bookmarks from your Internet browser anytime. Export the file, then e-mail a copy to yourself: It's easy and very reliable.

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