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Microsoft says it's going to go to war on the board of directors at Yahoo starting this weekend. It's probably overstating the case to say that Microsoft might start to fade into obscurity without some kind of deal.

The Turk was an 1700s- and 1800s-era "robot" that actually contained a human to defeat chess-playing opponents. Today we have the Amazon Mechanical Turk, which lets you get paid to complete simple tasks. A couple of artists decided to use the Mechanical Turk to spend $100 to hire 10,000 people to paint a tiny portion of a $100 bill. The result is great entertainment.

Speaking of getting paid for unusual tasks, a British man has hired drinking buddies for his father. They get paid about $14 an hour, plus expenses.

Back to robots for a moment: Writer Isaac Asimov wrote the three laws of robotics to which many scientists adhere, even today. What's funny is that those informal "laws" have predated any real effective legislation on the subject of robotics and ethics by more than half a century.

Business executives are being targeted by a phishing scam suggesting that they're being called to court. It's just another sign that nobody should be ignorant about technology anymore. Too much of it affects us in too many ways...and the mistakes we might make out of ignorance are too costly.

Megapixels alone aren't the way to judge a digital camera.

Cubs fans aren't really crazy, says a neurobiologist -- they're just trained to love their team through ups and downs, no matter what.

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