Security Update for April 22, 2006
Brian Gongol

Urgent This Week:

Item Find a secure off-site location where you can store your computer backups. Set up a “backup buddy” arrangement with a friend who lives in another community – even if it's only a couple of miles away. That way, if you are somehow caught in a catastrophic situation – like the tornado that hit Iowa City – you'll have a copy of your critical computer data safely stored someplace else. This shouldn't replace your conventional backups that you keep at home; it should be an extra backup on top of your normal ones.
Item If your business hasn't made plans for some key employees to work off-site in case of disaster, bring it up with someone in charge. One study says that if we encountered a flu pandemic, 40% of health-care employees wouldn't make it to work. Can your firm survive with 40% of its people out of the office? Now is the time to plan ahead so key employees can still do work if they can't make it to the office.

Important to Do Every Week:

Item Run a backup of your important computer files and store it in a safe location.
Item Update your anti-spyware software and run it. If you need free anti-spyware software, visit and download Spybot Search and Destroy.
Item Update your anti-virus software and run it. If you need free anti-virus software, visit and download AVG Anti-Virus.

Other Recommended Security Measures:

Item Set up a limited-access user account on your computer and use it for most purposes. See for complete instructions.
Item Use Firefox, Opera, Safari, or another web browser other than Internet Explorer. See for complete instructions.

Other Helpful Links:

Item Listen to the WHO Radio Wise Guys Saturdays from 12:00 – 2:00 Central via streaming audio at or on 1040 AM.
Item Get a professional website for under $500 at