Contact Your Condon Relatives
Brian Gongol

Why This Page Changed
The tricks we originally put in place to keep scam artists at bay just aren't working anymore. So, to protect you from phishing, we're going to do away with the old contact form that used to be here and replace it with a simple list of codes.

How to Use This Page
To send an e-mail to one of the following people, simply take the code, like "condon.1027" and add "" to the end to form the address for the person/family listed. I call this a "PO Box" system, because we aren't going to post anyone's private addresses on the website. Everything you send to one of these addresses will be forwarded through the PO Box at condon.xxxx to the recipient's actual e-mail address.

To be added to this list, contact Brian Gongol.

What To Do If You Get Spam
If you are receiving spam or phishing attempts to your PO Box, please let me know and we will change your PO Box.

PO BoxRecipient
condon.1101Bierl, Dave & Kathy
condon.1102Bierl, Kathy
condon.1103Blomberg, Gina
condon.1104Condon, Cathy
condon.1105Condon, CJ
condon.1106Condon, Darroll & Carol
condon.1107Condon, Dennis & Jenny
condon.1108Condon, Eddie & Mary Catherine
condon.1109Condon, Edward
condon.1110Condon, Harold
condon.1111Condon, Jim & Delores
condon.1112Condon, Joe & Diane
condon.1113Condon, John & Jennie
condon.1114Condon, Kevin
condon.1115Condon, Matt
condon.1116Condon, Matt & Carrie
condon.1117Condon, Michael & Carrie
condon.1118Condon, Pat
condon.1119Condon, Pat & Carol Ann
condon.1120Condon, Tuck & Molly
condon.1121DeVine, Jerry & Carrie
condon.1122Driscoll, Frank & Mary
condon.1123Flynn, Moire & Kathleen
condon.1124Flynn, Tom & Eleanore
condon.1125Gillan, Matt & Mary Kay
condon.1126Gongol, Bill
condon.1127Gongol, Brian
condon.1128Gongol, Bridget
condon.1129Gongol, Mark
condon.1130Gongol, Verne & Mary
condon.1131Griffin, Dick & Dorothy
condon.1132Hammond, Mary Anne & Dan
condon.1133Hood, Andrew
condon.1134Hood, Jim
condon.1135Hood, Matthew
condon.1136Lopez, Christian
condon.1137Lopez, Eddie
condon.1138Lopez, Margee
condon.1152Lowe, Linda & Mark
condon.1139McCarville, Matt & Sherry
condon.1140McCarville, Rob & Kris
condon.1141Meenan, Charlotte & Mark
condon.1142Meenan, Katie
condon.1151Meenan, Jim
condon.1143Ott, Mary & Bob
condon.1144Rodriguez-Sierra, Evonne & Jorge
condon.1145Rodriguez-Sierra, Jorge
condon.1146Sailors, Doug & Liz
condon.1147Thompson, Tim
condon.1148Touhey, Deb & Patrick
condon.1149Wittler, Bob & Colleen
condon.1150Wurtz, George & Peg