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The United States of America (1.4.2005)
Ryne Sandberg Makes the Hall of Fame
Legendary Cubs second-baseman made it in his third year on the ballot

News (1.4.2005)
84% of Japanese Think Family Ties Are Slipping
Most-named cause: "Diminished authority of parents"

Weather and Disasters (1.4.2005)
Disease Outbreaks Start in South Asia
150,000 dead in the initial disaster; many more likely to follow. Sandra Bullock has donated $1 million to the relief effort (she commands upwards of $10 million a picture). Something like 35,000 children have been orphaned in Indonesia, and the latest worry is over child trafficking.

Socialism Doesn't Work (1.4.2005)
China Proud of Hong Kong's "Most Free" Economy
But they're very much disinterested in Taiwanese freedoms. There is good reason to believe the Chinese government may wish to take strategic advantage of the disruption caused by the South Asian tsunami to act on its Taiwan "problem," especially as the US armed forces are working both on relief efforts and keeping up strength in Iraq. Events like the assassination of the governor of Baghdad make it harder for the US to strategically balance out what China may have in mind.
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