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"[George Washington] chose to embody the understanding, articulated by Madison, that government is a reflection of human nature, and that since both the governors and the governed are flawed, the system needs people who demonstrate modesty. Washington would not wear his military garb as president. He rejected honorific titles, instead preferring to be called 'Mr.' Washington, and so on." - Ben Sasse
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Gongol.com Archives: February 2005
Brian Gongol

Business and Finance (2.8.2005)
Fed Economist: There Was No "New Economy" in the 1990s

Business and Finance (2.8.2005)
Stabilized Growth vs. "Managing" a Free Economy
The social costs of economic downturns can be expensive, but is it the central bank's job to be "smarter" than the market?

Iowa (2.8.2005)
Do Producer Checkoff Programs Serve as a Bulwark Against Meatpacker Concentration?

News (2.8.2005)
Pope's Top Deputy Says John Paul II Might Resign
Health problems could force it

News (2.8.2005)
Tony Blair Promises Tighter UK Immigration Controls
Includes skill requirements and a "Britishness" test

Computers and the Internet (2.8.2005)
Big is the New Small
Mobile phone from the Czech Republic is so big, it looks like a regular office phone with a keypad attached. But it's a cell phone.

The United States of America (2.8.2005)
Secretary Rice Conciliatory in Paris Speech

We All Need a Little Humor (2.8.2005)
British Chopper Pilot Delivers Pizza to Girlfriend on Company Time

Computers and the Internet (2.8.2005)
New Precaution for Web Browsers
"Homograph attacks" exploit the fact that certain codes can be used to generate regular characters...for example, the ampersand sign (&) can either be typed in or coded as "& a m p ;" (without the spaces). The computer recognizes them differently, but it shows up as the same to the user's eye. That's a problem when someone can "spoof" words like "Amazon" or "eBay" or "PayPal."

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.8.2005)
France, Germany Shameless About Arms Exports
Not the brightest idea to sell weapons to China right at the moment. Time for some political reforms there first.

News (2.8.2005)
Ghost of Nixon Haunts South Korea
Political party trying to excuse itself for wiretapping its opponents

The American Way (2.8.2005)
The Other End of Outsourcing
The half of international trade and outsourcing that most opponents forget is that the US exports things like cultural products to the rest of the world. What will happen in 40 years when world leaders will have all grown up watching the same cartoons as kids?

Business and Finance (2.8.2005)
Wal-Mart Sales to China Up 28% Last Year
How does the whole "Made in the USA" thing do over there? The Taco Bell/Pizza Hut/KFC group added 300 stores in 2004 and had a 26% increase in sales. Given China's persistent disregard for intellectual property, how long with the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices remain hush-hush?

The United States of America (2.8.2005)
Compulsory Old-Age Savings
The President's plan is an improvement over the current system, but it could be even better
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