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"If there were nothing new to be done, would human intellect cease to be necessary?" - John Stuart Mill
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Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (2.12.2005)
Napster Planning to Attack iPod

Science and Technology (2.12.2005)
New Polymer Could Tell Fishers When the Line is Hot

Aviation News (2.12.2005)
Real "Space Federation" Coming

Computers and the Internet (2.12.2005)
MIT Working on a $100 Laptop for the World's Poor

Computers and the Internet (2.12.2005)
New Multi-Player Pac-Man Can Jump Machines

Business and Finance (2.12.2005)
Hewlett-Packard Fires Boss, Gives Her $42 Million to Leave
She's even getting health benefits for an extra year. Wouldn't $42 million cover a trip to the doctor?

Science and Technology (2.12.2005)
Self-Esteem No Cure-All for Academic Failure?
Article in Scientific American article says we've been barking up the wrong tree for a long time about self-esteem; it may not have the causal relationship with high test scores and overall happiness that we've been led to believe; they may be correlation only.

Weather and Disasters (2.12.2005)
Quake That Caused Asian Tsunami was 9.3, Not 9.0
Northwestern University seismologists say it was three times bigger than originally thought (Richter is a logarithmic scale), making it the second-largest ever recorded. 1/3 of the movement was "fast slip," but the missing part was "slow slip."
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