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"Hearken not to the voice which petulantly tells you that the form of government recommended for your adoption is a novelty in the political world; that it has never yet had a place in the theories of the wildest projectors; that it rashly attempts what it is impossible to accomplish." - Federalist Paper No. 14
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Gongol.com Archives: February 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (2.14.2005)
Globalization Causes Illegal Immigration...In Malaysia
GDP per capita is $3,200 in Indonesia, versus $9,000 in Malaysia. But you could have figured that out for yourself; poor people will always try to move to places where they can make more. 27% of Indonesians are below the poverty line, while only 8% of Malaysians are. Indonesia's legal system is "inadequate"; Malaysia remade itself in the late 20th Century by becoming an export economy. The results are so predictable as to almost make them laughable...until trade opponents start shouting again.

Business and Finance (2.14.2005)
Bombay Stock Exchange Hits Record High

Iowa (2.14.2005)
Free Wireless Internet at Iowa Rest Stops
All 40 of them. Project to be live by July 1, 2005.

Threats to Western Civilization (2.14.2005)
Car Bomb Kills Lebanese Leader
A Turkish newspaper is playing coy about who claimed responsibility, but the BBC pegs an Islamic terrorist group for the attack.

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.14.2005)
Expect Turmoil in China as Farmers Move to the Cities
The shift from an agricultural society to an industrial one is disruptive enough; the 1890 US Census showed that urbanization was already causing a dramatic change to the nation, and that was over a century ago. Now imagine what that's going to be like in China, where the Communist government wants to keep people from having the freedom to use the Internet. In short, this could get ugly.

Business and Finance (2.14.2005)
Funny Money Won't Force Bank of Korea to Change
Big increase in number of 5,000-won bills (about five bucks) noticed lately, but they haven't gone down the US route and redesigned the currency. Much of the redesigned US currency looks like play money. South Korea, on the other hand, apparently doesn't think it's sufficiently urgent.

Computers and the Internet (2.14.2005)
DoS Attack on Anti-Spyware Campaigner
Like a credit counselor who suddenly finds all of her cards maxed out, this has all the markings of a vendetta

We All Need a Little Humor (2.14.2005)
Take a Look at This Picture Before It Ends Up on Leno
The small kid in front of the very burly adult on the cover of this prison-supply catalog looks like someone's perverted joke.
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