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"[C]onsumption is not the key to happiness; production is." - Ben Sasse
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Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (2.17.2005)
Can I Get a Volunteer Over Here?
Prospective groom flees bride in arranged marriage while she's standing at the altar. She asks if anyone else is interested. Someone was.

News (2.17.2005)
Billionaire from UAE Wants to Buy Israeli Settlements
Israel is withdrawing from some of the disputed territories, and he wants them to leave the buildings and infrastructure standing when they leave. It would be a real feat if the rest of the Israeli/Palestinian dispute could be resolved with dollars instead of weapons.

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.17.2005)
Propaganda Doesn't Get Funnier Than This
North Korea's propaganda agency says the world is celebrating the birthday of Kim Jong Il with portraits and special reports celebrating "his far-sighted plan for building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation". Because a per capita income of $1,300 is really blowing the doors off with economic growth.

The American Way (2.17.2005)
13-Year-Old Girl Sees Communism, Says "It Looks Very Primitive."
Graduating from an elementary school in the DMZ just a few meters from the North. Even children can tell the difference between poverty and prosperity.

Weather and Disasters (2.17.2005)
Small Quake Hits Tokyo
The Really Big One is probably still inevitable

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.17.2005)
World's Biggest Consumer Is...Wait For It, Wait For It...China
China buys more meat, more TVs, more refrigerators, more phones, more steel, more coal. It's time for political reform before this situation gets messy. China's rapid shift to a more open economy is bumping up uncomfortably against the totalitarian political scheme.

We All Need a Little Humor (2.17.2005)
George Michael to Quit Pop Music
Celebrity life "unbearable", pop music "dead"

The American Way (2.17.2005)
Bus Service a First Step to Peace in Kashmir
Again confirming the notion that commerce is the best bulwark for peace

Weather and Disasters (2.17.2005)
Second Year of Drought Imperils 700,000 Cubans
They're down to 34 days of water reserves in some communities. It's worst in the east.

The American Way (2.17.2005)
Ukraine's Yushchenko Puts a Liberal Russian on His Advisory Staff
Liberal is good, because that makes him a reformer. Russian is good, because that could help relations with Moscow.

Threats to Western Civilization (2.17.2005)
New CIA Chief Says Iraq Is Training Ground for New Terrorists
Goss worried they're learning "urban terrorism" at ground level

News (2.17.2005)
Iranian Explosion Was Just Rock Blasting
Some had accused the US or others of attacking a nuclear facility nearby. But that wasn't true. Israeli foreign minister says Iran is 6 months from figuring out nuclear weapons.

We All Need a Little Humor (2.17.2005)
Queen Still Tells Prince Charles What to Do
She won't allow him to share a bedroom with Camilla Parker Bowles the night before their wedding. Note to Charles: You're 56 years old.

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.17.2005)
Germany Can't Reconcile Business with Socialism
Unemployment in some areas is over 20%. Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank is laying off workers during a very profitable period for the business. Judging from this article, there's a big challenge ahead in educating Germans that business is supposed to make a profit and that the high unemployment rate might have something to do with the country's massive welfare system. Allianz and Siemens have also cut jobs while profits have risen. Note to Germany: The government doesn't own those businesses, the shareholders do.
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