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"We can imagine robot hospice nurses keeping the dementia sufferer occupied and offering succor to the dying. It takes no great leap to imagine people likewise accepting sophisticated robots as babysitters for children. Before we scoff, we should pause to reflect on our own relationships with our smartphones." - Ben Sasse
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Gongol.com Archives: February 2005
Brian Gongol

The American Way (2.18.2005)
Why the US Administration's Tune on the EU is No Good for Britain

Aviation News (2.18.2005)
Court Approves Heathrow Expansion

Science and Technology (2.18.2005)
Study Suggests Promise of Self-Grown Breast Implants
Promising news for women who want reconstructive surgery after breast cancer

The American Way (2.18.2005)
Growing, Modernizing Slovakia to Host Bush-Putin Summit
How has Slovakia gone from being a poor Soviet satellite state to a growing, lively economy? "[L]ast year Slovakia dropped corporate income personal tax rate to 19%, we implemented flat tax and we have also one VAT rate. The result is that we have more entrepreneurs and also the state budget was fulfilled [...] A year ago, it took almost three months in this country just to register a new business. Currently, it is since February last year, every new business has to be registered in 5 days." Entrepreneurialism: It's the closest thing to money for nothing.

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.18.2005)
Moral Bankruptcy of Socialism
The Chinese have lived under socialism/Communism for so long, they've apparently lost the capacity to recognize intellectual property as the creator's right: "About 89.6 percent of those surveyed said piracy was illegal but did not feel guilty about buying pirated products."

Socialism Doesn't Work (2.18.2005)
Chinese Government Forcing North Korea to Shut Down Casino
Gambling may be a vice, but it's a vice that people have a perfectly legitimate right to engage in. But Communism doesn't really allow for personal rights. If you can't be trusted to make small decisions (like whether to put everything down on red), then you certainly can't be trusted to make big ones (like how to govern yourself).

News (2.18.2005)
Muslim Scholar Writes "Letter to a Suicide Bomber", Calls for End to Violence
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