Gongol.com Archives: February 2005
Brian Gongol

The United States of America (2.23.2005)
53% of US Immigrants Come from the South
(Spanish) Largest share from Mexico, Central America, with more from the Caribbean and South America. Latin American immigrants average about 35 years old, much younger than comparable Asian and European immigrants

The American Way (2.23.2005)
Leading Candidate for Iraqi Presidency Was Saddam's Most Wanted
He wants a secular government

News (2.23.2005)
It's Getting Crowded in Europe

The American Way (2.23.2005)
Ukraine Probably Won't Join Russian "Economic Zone"
They'd rather join the EU instead. Not quite as good as NAFTA, but better than resurrecting the USSR.

The American Way (2.23.2005)
A Woman's Place...
Is apparently behind the wheel of a sports car, even in an Arab country

Threats to Western Civilization (2.23.2005)
Free Speech in Britain
Article is right in some parts, wrong in others, but interesting throughout

News (2.23.2005)
Desmond Tutu Wants Better Birth Certification
Charity says 55% or more of children in some parts of the world aren't actually registered at birth, keeping them from getting necessary services

Science and Technology (2.23.2005)
Bird Flu Spooks UK
The World Health Organization says if it gets out, it could kill 2 million to 50 million people. The CDC is worried that panic does more harm than good.

The United States of America (2.23.2005)
Team America: World Police?
A debate on American empire (not the movie)

News (2.23.2005)
New Immigration: From Europe to Australia
Story is more about health coverage than anything else, but the migration is an interesting trend to observe. Australia is one of the world's ten most free economies.

Broadcasting (2.23.2005)
NBC Goes Full-Tilt with Autism Campaign
Sparked by NBC Chairman Bob Wright's experience with an autistic grandson, they're blanketing all of the NBC networks with coverage: From the news division to Scrubs.