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Brian Gongol

We All Need a Little Humor (2.25.2005)
Hitting on Your Co-Workers Could Be A Good Thing
Study suggests sexual banter could help reinforce camaraderie and improve productivity

Business and Finance (2.25.2005)
Bank of America Loses 1.2 Million Government Credit Card Records

Science and Technology (2.25.2005)
SimCity-Like Game Tests Epidemiology
Conclusion: If it's smallpox, the proper response is different from inhalable plague. It all depends on the disease. Sometimes mass vaccinations make sense, other times you just need to quarantine a handful of people and tell a few others to stay home. The EpiSims website has some specific graphs, while the CDC says this year's flu season peaked at the start of February.

Science and Technology (2.25.2005)
Women Really Do Read Maps Differently From Men
And a couple of other conclusions about how brains work...even when a man has a "woman's" brain

Computers and the Internet (2.25.2005)
Firefox 1.0.1 Released
Includes security improvements

The United States of America (2.25.2005)
Military Kicking Out Fewer Gays Than Before
Lowest rate since 1996; total of 1,227 discharged for that reason since September 11, 2001. GAO says "don't ask, don't tell" cost about $95 million in the last decade; DoD says it's a "small fraction of unprogrammed separations".

The American Way (2.25.2005)
India Expects 7% Growth in 2005
Government economic survey calls for big cuts in subsidies and lower tax rates. Sounds like the kind of platform that could get someone elected in the US.

Iowa (2.25.2005)
Additional Iron Can Help Reduce Phosphorus Runoff
Note for the ag industry, where manure and compost high in phosphorus are used as fertilizer

Science and Technology (2.25.2005)
If Horses Become Glue, Chickens Can Become Plastic
USDA researchers have figured out how to turn chicken feathers into biodegradable plastic, similar to polyethylene and polypropylene
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