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Brian Gongol

Computers and the Internet (2.28.2005)
London Underground Using eBay to Find Parts
The system is so old, some spare parts aren't available anymore

Computers and the Internet (2.28.2005)
JavaScript, ActiveX Being Exploited to Spread Spyware Via Blogs

Science and Technology (2.28.2005)
Researcher Says Fear of Reinforcing Stereotypes May Actually Cause Failure
Concludes that comments about "women drivers" or "white athletes" or "black students" can actually cause them to fail because they try too hard to keep from failing. Applies across gender and race, even down to neighborhood labels.

Computers and the Internet (2.28.2005)
Get the Latest Firefox Browser
Firefox Version 1.0.1 fixes some security problems that v.1.0 left behind. Total installation time might be a full two minutes. Follow step-by-step instructions for loading Firefox if you need.

Science and Technology (2.28.2005)
Malthus Becomes Irrelevant
South Korea is considering cash incentives to encourage families to have more than two children. They're spooked that South Korea's declining birthrate is going to make it difficult or impossible to keep the economy alive. Malthus thought (and a lot of modern-day flat-Earthers are on board) that population growth would tend to outstrip the ability to increase the food supply. The long and short of it is that economic growth tends to decrease birth rates.

Computers and the Internet (2.28.2005)
Extensive Discussion About New Mozilla, Firefox Releases
Includes succinct comments on why web designers should design with other browsers in mind and some notes on how pop-up blockers are being defeated by the use of Flash pop-up windows

Threats to Western Civilization (2.28.2005)
Worst Terrorist Attack in Iraq Since Last February
More than 100 killed in car bomb. Targeted people waiting for medical exams so they could go back to work. Israel prevented an attack in the West Bank; they suspect the Islamic Jihad.

Threats to Western Civilization (2.28.2005)
British Parliament Debating Detention of Terrorist Suspects
House arrest could be used to keep suspects at bay, but there's a flap over whether it should have to go through judges or not
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